Outlook for Lot 3

Pilot VR EU MODEX on Avalanche S&R

In 2018 an extremely ambitious project was started. The scenario is based on a real disaster which occurred in Rigopiano / Italy on 18th January 2017. An avalanche struck a hotel and caused one of the biggest mountain disasters in recent memory. Over more than a year and a half one of the most complex EU MODEX events ever was planned to simulate this avalanche disaster. Unfortunately, the global pandemic caused this MODEX to ultimately be cancelled.


Transfortmation to virtual reality

However, the exercise has been totally reconstructed. Now teams with 360° cameras and drones are taking over the scene to save the data for a create the first virtual EU MODEX. Mountain S&R Teams and USAR modules will be able to use modern VR technologies to practice their disaster response skills and cooperation in a real location, all without having a physically avalanche disaster scenario.

After the recordings in Passo del Tonale in March 2021 under ideal snow conditions, the software engineers are now taking on the task of implementing the disaster scenario for the use of VR goggles.  The implementation of the first VR EU MODEX is then planned for the autumn of 2021 in the autonomous province of Trento.

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