Outlook for the years to come

Future of EU MODEX

Be there when EU civil protection faces new challenges and improves continuously - for the protection of the European population!


Digital excerciseFuture of EU MODEX

Using the new Exercise Control Tool, EU MODEX is now capable of delivering exercises to connected participants and modules even from their…

Future of EU MODEX

EU MODEX marine pollution could be a new opportunity for at-sea and shoreline responders to exercise.

Field exerciseFuture of EU MODEX

Part of the dream for the future of EU MODEX is to expand the number of participating countries, capacities, and modules.

TabletopFuture of EU MODEX

A new software has been developed for EU Module Table-Top Exercises.


In 2018 an extremely ambitious project was started. The scenario is based on a real disaster which occurred in Italy in 2017. An avalanche struck a…


Bringing an IER and an EU MODEX successfully together is the goal of a specially established working group.