The EU MODEX Mascot

In 2019 the idea was born in lot 3 & 5 to introduce a mascot to the community in order to support the media work. Searching for an animal, which can support the spirit of EU MODEX, the choice came to a dog. Not only are dogs as rescue dogs already an important part of the civil protection family, but also we felt that they are standing for important values. This is how the Border Collie “Mo” (from EU MODEX) was born. Bringing Mo alive was the task for a team of professionals, which did a great job.

Soon Mo was able to make the first steps into a world full of adventures and stories to tell...

Animation MO

Pictures of Mo: Design Manufaktur Hamburg

Mo and his many gadgets

As there are many different modules exercising in EU MODEX Mo needs a lot of tools. In fact, there are so many, that we needed to take two pictures when he was visiting an EU MODEX in Poggioreale, Italy. Do you know what each tool is used for?