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What is EU MODEX?

The aim of EU MODEX is to better prepare modules/capacities/civil protection authorities and experts for international deployments under the Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM), to ensure a faster, coordinated and efficient response to emergencies.
In addition, EU MODEX should enhance the coordination during UCPM interventions by ensuring improved interoperability and cooperation between intervention teams, national authorities and other stakeholders.

The detailed objectives of EU MODEX are
  • Coordination
  • Self-sufficiency
  • Interoperability
  • Procedures / SOPs
  • Communications & Reporting
  • Safety & Security
  • Specific learning objectives of participants
EU MODEX is based on two different types of exercises:


Table top exercises

  • Discussion-based sessions
  • Focus on strategic decision-making and managerial preparation during a deployment (coordination, procedures, reporting and communication arrangements)

Field exercises

Focus on operational aspects and the minimum requirements during the different phases of an international deployment:

  • Mobilisation/arrival
  • Operations
  • Demobilisation
European Team Spirit

5 Lots for

To support the needs of different types of civil protection modules, other response capacities as well as the technical assistance and support teams and European Union civil protection expert teams, the exercises are divided in 5 lots. Tabletop exercises as well as field exercises are part of the EU MODEX program.

EU MODEX – LOT 1 Table-Top Exercises

ModTTX focuses on indepth cooperation between different actors in a disaster environment, on procedures, communication and information management and much more...

EU MODEX – LOT 2 Water Hazards and Forest Fire Fighting

An integrated approach for consequence management of floods, forest fires or chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear hazards for all specialized modules.

EU MODEX – LOT 3 USAR - Search & Rescue

Complex field exercises for all kind of urban search and rescue modules, supported by different other response capacities, are conducted by lot 3.

EU MODEX – LOT 4 EUCPT - Expert teams + TAST - Technical support teams

A functional exercise approach with a strong link to the reality that a EUCPT and TAST can be exposed to, both on operational, tactical and strategic levels.

EU MODEX – LOT 5 Medical Modules

Target group of lot 5 are medical modules of all kinds and sizes as well as laboratory capacities which are exercising together with and EUCPT and a TAST in realistic field exercises.