Faces of EU MODEX

Alan Pellowe

Alan  has served 33 years in the British Fire Service from which he retired in 2010 as a Commander. He started his own business as a Consultant in disaster management and since then he has been actively involved as a lecturer and trainer in the delivery of UCPM training courses and Field Exercises for various consortiums. During his last 10 years of the Fire Service, he was also part of the UK International Search and Rescue Team (UKISAR) during which time he responded to the earthquakes in Muzaffarabad, Pakistan and Haiti.

In EU MODEX, he is Main Trainer since 2014.

Faces of EU MODEX
What does EU MODEX mean to me?

Being part of EU MODEX over the last 7 years has been an absolute privilege, primarily working with the Johanniter Consortium on USAR and EMT Field Exercises. That journey has been an immense pleasure working with lots of fantastic and highly motivated people. Over the years my buddy René and I (Stadler and Waldorf) have faced many challenges, thankfully succesfully with the support of the many highly committed people around us in the EU MODEX Management Team. I see EU MODEX as the 'Flagship' of EU Field and Tabletop Exercise Training and I am very proud to have been part of that team that has achieved so much for the benefit of our Participants and the quality of response capability that is delivered worldwide to those in need on behalf of the EU Member and Participating States.

What are my wishes for the future of EU MODEX?

It is firmly my belief that EU MODEX is a brand that has to be seen and trusted by all as a mark of quality and professionalism in what it delivers. I don't believe that there is anything that EU MODEX cannot achieve, so keep thinking outside of the box, and for those of us that are currently responsible, and those that will replace us in the coming years, and will take EU MODEX forward, they must never lose sight of the focus for what we are there for; to enable the partcipants of our Response Capacities to deliver the highest quality of international response, professionally, effectively and expediently to all those that ask for our help. I wish you all to stay safe in the valuable work that you do, have fun and look after each other.

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