Faces of EU MODEX

Daniele Caffarengo

Daniel is a Technical officer for "REGIONE PIEMONTE" (Italy) - Civil Protection Unit since 2004, his professional background is mainly focused on the response phase, as well as on prevention and preparedness activities related to national and international missions. He's team leader and responsible for the regional HCP module, and TAST member. He's been involved as trainer for several EU table-top and field exercises since 2013, and as Venue Manager for water related exercises during 2018.

Faces of EU MODEX

What does EU MODEX mean to me? 

To be part of EU MODEX, both as a participant and as a staff member or organizer, is a proficient opportunity to grow and improve team and individual capabilities, coming in contact with a 'family' of experts, and sharing best practices and different points of view. In addition, an EU MODEX is a challenging and realistic experience, to enhance team spirit and find the right way.


What are my wishes for the future of EU MODEX?

I hope that EU MODEX cycles will restart as soon as possible, even if with new tools/solutions or adapted procedures.

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