Faces of EU MODEX

Donatella Salvi

Donatella defines herself as a passionate believer in Europe, in particular in the Europe that protects and saves lives. She has over twenty years professional experience in the Commission in different Departments.

Her first involvement in EU MODEX was in 2010 as contract and finance officer. She was the person making sure that contracts with EU MODEX contractors were signed and that payments were executed. Since 2017, her role is more operational as she became EU MODEX desk officer dealing with its day-to-day running and management, ensuring the successful delivery of the EU MODEX programme.

Faces of EU MODEX
What does EU MODEX mean to me?

EU MODEX means to me, better prepare experts and capacities for International deployments under the UCPM with the goal to save more lives when assisting populations affected by a disaster; a family of men and women strongly committed to continously improve EU MODEX and who made EU MODEX one of the flagship of the UCPM.

What are my wishes for the future of EU MODEX?

My wishes for the future are that EU MODEX continues to be a key pillar of the preparedness activities of the UCPM; that EU MODEX will evolve and develop to constantly meet the real preparedness needs.

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