Negotino MK, 2017

First EU MODEX outside EU territory

This Module Exercise was the first exercise organized outside the European Union's territory. It was designed to test and enhance the cooperation and interoperability between medical teams and other civil protection experts in areas affected by disasters.

MedicalField exercise

This exercise was the fourth and final exercise within the EU MODEX Cycle 7 2016-2017, LOT 2. It was conducted by a consortium of 4 civil protection partners, led by the National Centre APELL for Disaster Management from Romania. The local partner for this exercise was the Protection and Rescue Directorate from North Macedonia. Three additional civil protection partners expressed their support to the Consortium’s endeavor and participated in the activities.

The Consortium usually planned and conducted exercises for water related modules, however for the first time, this exercise was designed to test the capabilities of three Emergency Medical Teams – EMT in providing medical support in areas affected by floods, followed by landslides. Alongside the EMTs, experts of a European Union Civil Protection Team (EUCPT) and a Technical Assistance and Support Team (TAST) were also trained during the exercise.

According to the scenario, North Macedonia was affected by severe floods and landslides leading to the overwhelming of the medical system. On the request for international assistance of the affected country, EU answered by deploying three medical modules - EMT3 Austria, EMT 2 with surgical unit from Italy and EMT3 from Romania together with the TAST module from Romania and an EUCPT. Under the coordination of national authorities more than 150 medical members of the modules were involved in the medical response by providing first aid in various situation, hospitalization, surgical procedures and triage.

 To ensure a realistic exercise setting more than 400 staff members and roll-players were involved in the 36-hour exercise. 

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