Faces of EU MODEX

Fredrik Skeppermo

Fredrik has worked at MSB as a teacher/instructor since 2005 after many years of work abroad in the field of humanitarian work. Starting with the training of firefighters in fire and rescue he now is highly involved in the training for the Swedish USAR- SWIFT as well as in large exercises such as INSARAG classification and reclassification of SWIFT, as well national USAR exercises. His is also a member of EUCPM and MSB field staff personal roster as well an active a firefighter at his city's fire station.

In EU MODEX he is involved as a trainer since 2014.

Faces of EU MODEX

What does EU MODEX mean to me? 

What I appreciate most is the opportunity to practice well-prepared and realistic exercises with very professional and high skilled teams. Since many contacts are made between individuals and teams during the exercises, it creates an extremely strong link when/if it becomes a reality.


What are my wishes for the future of EU MODEX? 

The possibility to share experience from real disasters/operations and share lessons learned taken from the field and put these in to upcoming exercises.

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  • user
    John Gera May 26, 2024 At 10:46 am
    Dear Sir,

    We are a Voluntary K9 USAR organisation (K-9 Urban Search and Rescue Malta). We had been setup for more than 10 years. We have 10 dogs with their own handlers and other Volunteers. My questions is, how can we become insarag certify? Can we invite an UN Insarag Instructor to test our setup to obtain the Insarag certification?
    We would appreciate your advise and should you wish further information please do not hesitate to contact us.