Faces of EU MODEX

Jacob Bolwinkel

With 25 years service in the Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA), long time member of the DEMA USAR-Team, INSARAG IEC/R Mentor, Team Leader and classifier Jacob has been proud to be able to apply these skills for the benefit of the many Modules taking part in the EU MODEX .He had the chance to plan the first ever INSARAG IER within a EU MODEX in 2013 and from there on he has been a part of many EU MODEX, both as part of the Venue Management but also in numerous exercises around Europe as Trainer or as advisor for the other Venues.

Faces of EU MODEX

What does EU MODEX mean to me?

For me EU MODEX is the perfect opportunity for modules and experts to exercise their specialist skills in a safe environment. All for the benefit of those in need. Apart from the professional aspect it is also a perfect way of meeting new friends and become a member of the ever-growing EU MODEX family.


What are my wishes for the future of EU MODEX?

I hope that the 10 years of development of EU MODEX will continue for the benefit of all members. I think that the cooperation within the Consortiums in planning and conducting EU MODEX is a perfect example of using the knowledge of the few for the benefit of the many.

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