EU MODEX 2020-22

Lot 2 Consortium

13 partners are working together in the 11th cycle to organize field exercises dealing with water hazards and forest fires.

Field exerciseFlood RescueFirefighting

EU MODEX represent the perfect setting to build up and exchange knowledge and to enhance the preparation and training of the modules and experts to be deployed in an international environment via the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism.

The cycle 11 consortium of lot 2 consists of partners, with a varied mix of civil protection, non-governmental organizations (NGO), academic and educational institutions delivering floods, forest fires and CBRN training platforms working on an equal level as the consortium partners.

EU MODEX provide also a platform to undertake the certification process for the EU Civil Protecion Pool by creating a tailored scenario/inject list to support the certification check list.

The target audience for the EU MODEX are HCP, WP, FRB, FC (for exercises 1, 3 and 4), GFFF, GFFV (for exercise 2 and 6), CBRNDET (for exercise 5) other response capacities. Participants will be asked in advance to prepare as if they were going on a real mission, in accordance with their sending organization / national HQ

Consortium members
Supporting partners

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